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Tooth Extraction


Tooth extraction at SF Dental House in Mission District is a simple process of removing a tooth from its socket. If a tooth is damaged or broken, our Mission District dentist will first and foremost try to save as much of it as he or she can through fillings , crowns, bridges, or some other treatment. However, sometimes the tooth is beyond repair, and needs to be taken out. A very loose tooth also requires a tooth extraction as it cannot be saved not even with a bone graft.

Description Of A Tooth Extraction Procedure
Other reasons for tooth extractions include:
  • Sometimes a person has extra teeth in his or mouth which block new teeth from exposure.
  • Sometimes the baby teeth do not fall out on their own, and require tooth extractions at the SF Dental House in Mission District SF.
  • People getting braces need to have their teeth extracted especially if it creates room for new teeth to move around.
  • Wisdom teeth or molars are often extracted as soon as they are exposed, or after they begin to cause pain, have a cyst or infection in them, or are decayed. Wisdom teeth can cause the gums to bleed out and swell.
  • Sometimes tooth extractions at SF Dental House in Mission District SF are undertaken in cases of organ transplants, as infected teeth can adversely affect the transplants.
There are two ways in which tooth extractions can occur:
  • Simple extractions where the tooth is fully visible in the mouth.
  • Surgical extractions are procedures where the tooth has been broken off at the gum line or hasn’t come out yet. Here the dentist makes a small cut inside the gum and/or around the bone of the tooth to cut it in half and extract it out.
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