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Invisalign® Invisible Braces

Invisalign® at SF Dental House is a popular choice for most teens and adults interested in obtaining straight teeth and a revitalized smile, without the sometimes embarrassing look and discomfort of traditional metal braces. Invisalign® enhances your self-esteem and physical confidence offering you the ultimate solution in the shape of esthetic and barely visible braces as opposed to the conventional wire and bracket braces. Invisalign® is manufactured using advanced computer technology that actually predicts your tooth movement and lets these removable orthodontic appliances gradually straighten your teeth.

Invisalign® is used to treat a wide range of orthodontic conditions including overbite and crowded or widely spaced or crooked teeth. Invisalign® is not recommended for babies, children and even younger teenagers who may still require the conventional braces. Because clear braces need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours each day younger children often fail to follow-through with wearing them effectively. These clear braces were initially designed for older teenagers but now help adults of all ages look their best after and during the Invisalign® treatment.

SF Dental House offers different types of cosmetic braces like ceramic or clear braces, inside braces and clear aligners. Ceramic braces are somewhat similar to metal ones but they are semi-visible. Unlike the metal braces, tooth colored braces have wires which make them less noticeable than the metal ones, but not that invisible as the inside braces or the clear aligners like Teen Invisalign® which are virtually invisible.

The length of treatment pertaining to the Invisalign depends upon your individual situation. Our Mission District dentist offer a Free Consultation to so you and the dentist can choose the best option for you and your smile. Be sure and check out our successful before and after cases in our smile gallery to see just how incredible a new smile by Invisalign® can be. Call us for a Free Consultation today!

Case studies

We need real SF Dental before and after pics of Invisalign case here and real testimonial below.

Patient Face BeforeBefore
Patient Face AfterAfter
Patient's Teeth Before OperationBefore
Patient's Teeth After OperationAfter
Patient's Upper Teeth Before OperationBefore
Patient's Upper Teeth After OperationAfter
Front Of Patient's Teeth BeforeBefore
Front Of Patient's Teeth AfterAfter
Invisalign Case 3 BeforeBefore
Invisalign Case 3 AfterAfter

I'm always in a rush out of bed whenever I wake up in the mornings, and I love how Invisalign does not take up any time to put on. I simply take out the aligners, brush my teeth, and put them back in.

Client Testimonial

Invisalign® Braces - Treatment Time

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Will - Client Testimonial

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★★★★★ I had a good dentist, but his prices kept increasing which forced me to look closer to home. This dental office is in my neighborhood so I walked in and spoke to the friendly staff. Within a day I had a very reasonable price.
Ruth Warner


★★★★★ My 5yr old daughter and I were very pleased with the doctor and their staff. My daughter had been running a fever prior to our dental visit and the doctor helped us understand that this could be caused by her 6yr old molars were coming in early. This was very helpful information.
Daniel Rios


★★★★★ My 81 year old father has Alzheimer's and we have been going to this office for two years now. Great staff!!! The staff runs the front office like a well oiled machine. All the staff are kind and patient with my nutty dad.
Margaret Payne


★★★★★ I have never had to wait very long to be seen. Your scheduled appointment time is when you are seen. They always make sure you are taken care of and go above and beyond to make your dental experience a positive and easy.
Maurice Nugent


★★★★★ The doctor pulled out my tooth quickly and w/out any pain. I have not been to a dentist in over 25yrs and now I have found a great dentist! His employees are great and very friendly also. The very best on my list.
ella joe


★★★★★ The staff at this office was very professional, friendly, efficient, organized and always knowledgeable. I was very pleased with the doctor. I will be recommending this office to all my friends and family.
Gina Sanson


★★★★★ The staff at this dental office was great. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable.The doctor personally called me after my appointment to check on me. That is awesome!
Lorie Rester

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