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A Simple Guide For Braces

Different Methods Of How Braces Can Benefit You Starting Right Away

There is a couple of forms of braces from which you can choose from these days and it allows for a variation of styles of braces to choose from. Customization as well further allows people to have control on how their braces look and apply a custom look to it through that. Another benefit besides the customization factor and the different styles, is that braces can help you get the smile of your dreams in a simple process! Once you have your braces on, you just have to maintain it like normal and go to your appointments at the orthodontists and you will be perfect. Another benefit that many people acquire, is the improvement on oral hygiene. After learning the correct way to brush your teeth and focusing more time on flossing, your teeth will love you for it!

Properly Flossing Your Teeth With Braces

Proper care of your braces and teeth is extremely crucial for maintaining your oral hygiene. A lack of care in braces will lead to future issues with your teeth and gums and can extend your time with your braces. Flossing with braces is changed a bit when compared to without it as now you have to also take out food that is hiding behind your brackets. This can be a little troubling in the beginning, but like all new things, practice makes perfect!

Choosing The Right Style Of Braces For You

There are three common forms of braces out right now to choose from.  We will begin by looking at the most regular form that we see people with which are traditional metal braces. This style of braces are very convenient for children as it does not require as much maintenance than the other two styles. It is also the cheapest option allowing people with rather large families to acquire a lot of braces without breaking the bank. Regular metal braces are designed with metal brackets that are attached to the outside of your teeth with a special glue with metal wires running horizontally as well as applied pressure put onto your teeth to shift it until it is perfect. The next style is a tad bit more expensive but it is a great option nevertheless if you do not mind metal braces and want to conceal your braces behind your teeth. It is essentially regular metal braces placed on the inside of your teeth instead of the outside. The last type is invisalign which is the most expensive option; however, it gives you more flexibility than the other options. It is made of a clear plastic material that is very hard to spot someone wearing it; moreover, it is constructed from a mold of your teeth so it applies pressure like metal braces to fix your smile. It is normal for every couple of weeks to get a new invisalign so it adjusts to your teeth’s movement. Many benefits come with invisalign including it being detachable like a retainer, allowing you to eat whatever type of food you want without being worried about damaging brackets, and more.  

In conclusion, choosing your braces is an important decision that you should consult with your orthodontist to see if it is the right move for you. It provides many benefits for you and teaches proper oral hygiene methods that you may or may not have learned before. If you want to learn more about braces at 94110, then call SF Dental House at 415-849-9991 now!


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